Region Standards

So I am wondering if the "Heels Up’ region is an acceptable standard for SLC.

Now Heels Up lists itself as RP/Adult but when I went to check it out I wasn’t expecting to be greeted by this:

I don’t think players should be exposed to this when they land in a SLC region. This is just my opinion but I am curious as to what you guys think.

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I’m wondering, is the region you are landing at still the same sim it was “Heels Up”, or was it perhaps a rental and the server removed with a new shop moving in?

It’s also possible that a region server was rezzed there but then picked up, which has listed the region.

Will look into it when I get home to see if there is actually a region server rezzed out at that landing area.

No, it’s not ideal to be landing in an adult store when expecting to be going to a place where you can play SLC.

It may also be that the landing area for SLC is not set accurately on the server settings.

We have no set standards as yet. But open to community discussion on what is acceptable to the community and what is not as a whole, for expectations on landing areas for SLC participating sims.

if it was an adult region, it’s allowed. adult rating allows anything like that to be publicly visible anywhere. moderate rating land allows that kind of stuff as long as it’s inside group only area or away from the landing spot or entrance. so if it said it was adult before you went, you should expect to see this sort of thing.

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I have been in SL since 2006 - 16 years as of last October so I am well aware of what an “Adult” rating is. My post is about standards not Sim Ratings :slight_smile:

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We Provide the System, We are not here to tell SIM Owners what they can and can not do. If we get into that then we get into monitoring for what we find acceptable, and I don’t think you all want that LOL.


Its the correct parcel. The SLC Region Server is on the other side of the “Glory Hole” divider …

I can appreciate that perspective and I can also appreciate not wanting to restrict potential participants/consumers but is Pornography really something you want people to be exposed to when they click on a SLC region link?

I am no prude but see nothing wrong with setting some standards of common decency so when you land in an SLC Region the first thing you see isn’t a hand holding a hard cock :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m personally of the same opinion. A regions landing spot should at least show you are in an SLC participating spot.

Such as the registration board.

I do go around and audit not so frequently and adjust landing spots to suit a region server at times or hide sims that have since gone empty and have nothing SLC relevant.

I do not care a lands rating. I care more that where you land is something relative to SLC.


Looks like Heels Up removed all SLC items from this location but one still TPs there when clicking the Visit Region link…