Region Server issue

When I rezz my Region server, it says:
[SLC] Region Server: {“result”:“OK”} and when I click on it, it takes me to the webpage and says Sorry! You’re not allowed to view this page, then redirects me to the main page at There is no Region server being shown in the “My Region Server” tab on the web. I believe that my server requires an update as it is v0.11.2, but I am not getting a prompt to update it.

We will need to update you manually if its not giving you an update prompt.

There’s a limit to how many times it will give an update prompt.

Try rezzing it out every couple hours and see if you get the update, but we’ve set the script to check on its own every 7 days as well.

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It just told me there is no update available when I rezzed it out again.

So the issue has been resolved for now. I understand @drakkhis solved the problem for you in person.

The issue seems to have been PHP and Server Side.

Hopefully we have permanently resolved this one.

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