Region Server..... Do you have to be the land owner/renter?

I asked in the chat, but lost internet and didn’t see if anyone had answered.

My (RL) Twin and I have a parcel, (1/4 sim) and she’s agreed to let me put a SLC region server there, for a few select parts of it (like a mine, fruit bushes, water, and eventually a market I think) … But, her SL account is the one that’s the technical land owner of the 1/4 sim parcel, so, I’m not sure if it’s her who should be buying the region server, or… does it not matter so long as I have rez rights and no one else has put a server on that parcel?



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you just have to have rez rights on the land, you do not need to be the owner.


You will need to get the region owner/land manager to add the SLC Experience to the lands permitted experiences as well :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I was actually able to add the experience before I purchased the server. xD

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