Redefine Your Journey: New Races Now Available in SL Colonies!

Greetings, Brave Colonists of Second Life!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have expanded the horizons of SL Colonies by introducing three exotic new races for you to explore and embody! Starting today, whether you are setting foot in our world for the first time or desiring a thrilling transformation, these vibrant races will be available for you to embrace.

By embarking on this new journey, you get to redefine your roleplay experiences and deepen the immersion into the realm of SL Colonies. Each race comes with its unique backstory, traits, and strengths - turning every encounter into an unforgettable story!

To tap into these extraordinary experiences, you can select one of the new races when registering a new account. For our seasoned players, fear not! You can join the grand evolution by visiting our levelling station in-store and choosing to change your race.

The world of SL Colonies is ever-expanding, offering you countless opportunities to create, interact, and evolve. Dive in and let your story unfold in the most extraordinary ways possible! Adventure Awaits!


Str Dex Con Int Wis Char Health Energy Thirst Hunger Blood Poison Fatigue
-1 1 -3 5 -1 5 70 80 150 120 90 80 130

Ai Art Generator: Clockwork automaton, steampunk, machine, humanoid

The cosmos of SL Colonies expands further with the introduction of another mesmerizing race - the “Automaton.” Engineered from the brilliance of pure science, these constructs are not birthed by gods or magic, but rather, the ingenuity of their creators.

Resembling a majestic fusion of clockwork and humanlike form, an Automaton’s body is a canvas of turning gears and cogs. Their faces could range from an eerily lifelike facade to a simpler curved surface, adorned with optical sensor eyes. Fashioned after any race - the choice depends entirely on the creator’s vision - Automatons can reflect the strength of an orc or the nimbleness of a halfling.

Crafted by a person or team, the Automaton’s aesthetics often mirror their creator’s race. However, this norm deviates if the construct is meant for a specific task. An Automaton designed for stealth or quick escapes will boast an athletic frame, akin to an Elf or Halfling. On the other hand, one created for protection or offense will flaunt a muscular build reminiscent of half-orcs, dwarves, or brawny humans. In some rare instances, Automatons are tailored as friends, companions, or even intimate partners, reflecting the most appealing physical attributes of any chosen race.

Their bodies, composed of thin metal sheets designed to mimic skin, cloak the internal mechanics. Crafted from a variety of metals, these ‘skins’ permit fluid joint movement. However, Automatons’ faces remain an enigma. They struggle to express emotions, mirrored by their own inability to feel.

Automatons are a new technological wonder in this world. Their presence incites curiosity, fear, and concern among people. Religious scholars and arcane adepts question their existence, workers fear job redundancy, and societies struggle with their integration. But an Automaton follows its purpose relentlessly. Designed for a specific task, it will dutifully perform until a new purpose is given.

Automatons are blessed with bonuses in Dexterity, Intelligence, and Charisma. However, they have reduced Strength, Constitution, and Wisdom. Can you master the art of controlling such a life-emulating construct, or will you simply marvel at its uncanny semblance to life? Your adventure awaits!


Str Dex Con Int Wis Char Health Energy Thirst Hunger Blood Poison Fatigue
2 -2 2 -1 -1 -2 120 100 85 100 105 105 85

Clay Golem | Monster Wiki | Fandom

The colossal addition of the “Golem” race is sure to stir the arena! Being constructs of mud, shaped in an anthropogenic form, Golems carry an uncanny resemblance to unfinished humans. Their bodies, graced with intricate runes, hold inscriptions from their creator or master, their uniqueness lying in their adaptive appearance.

Golems, legends say, are unfinished humans, crafted from mud and dirt by a divine entity. The first Golems were marked with holy scriptures - the words of gods. These beings, impervious to pain and resistant to human affliction, were the perfect servants.

In the nascent era, only divine close ones could summon these creatures. However, as humans mastered earth manipulation and alchemy, metallic Golems surfaced, pushing the earlier kind into oblivion. When left forgotten, Golems displayed wrath, causing havoc. To curb this, the gods rendered them devoid of consciousness, making them useless without commands. Today, these Golems seek to break free from the wretched divine curse that bounds them.

Without a society of their own, Golems are tethered to their master’s will, performing duties from housekeeping to sentry. While they aspire to be free and have desires of their own, the path to it is fraught with peril.

Gifted with a bonus in Strength and Constitution, Golems are, however, weak in Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. They speak in a mechanical manner, focusing on practicality and efficiency. Unaffected by pain, Golems’ perceptions of emotions are starkly different from softer-fleshed beings. Often, they remain unaware of self-preservation, simply existing. Some even grow to resent those with “true life.”

This unique blend of strength and vulnerability makes Golems a fascinating addition to our universe. Will you choose to play as a Golem, defying the odds, breaking free from the shackles, and reclaiming their own life? The choice is yours!


Str Dex Con Int Wis Char Health Energy Thirst Hunger Blood Poison Fatigue
-3 -2 -1 4 4 4 90 70 140 105 105 115 110

Kitsune by IrenHorrors on DeviantArt

Unveiling the final race in the SL Colonies - the mystical Kitsune. Revered for their enchanting mage-like abilities, these anthropomorphic fox beings manifest potent bonuses in Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. However, their journey comes with the cost of compromised Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution.

The Kitsune bear an uncanny resemblance to elves, albeit shorter and lither. They are essentially fox-like in their natural form, with fur that varies in shades of light - red-brown, white, or golden brown - though black is not unheard of. Their fur could also exhibit different colors, like reddish-brown with white extremities. The vibrant variety of their eye colors - blue, green, brown, and occasionally, orange, purple, yellow, or red - mirrors the spectrum of their unique personalities.

Born with a single tail, a Kitsune sprouts more as they age - a fascinating visual testament to their growing wisdom. A nine-tailed Kitsune is rarely below 60 years of age, with each new tail appearing every 5-6 years from their adulthood at 16. Deceptively youthful, they cease to age visibly in their early twenties and can live up to a century and a half.

The race of Kitsune is a rare spectacle, draped in countless legends of their innate trickster nature and infinite power upon maturity. Their tails are said to be the reservoirs of their power, though it’s largely folklore. Unfortunately, these tales led to the near extinction of Kitsune, who were hunted for their tails. Consequently, they receded into the shadows for centuries, only recently making a cautious return to the world.

Kitsune society was once a thriving haven of mages and clerics, their bloodline inherently gifted with a touch of magic. They basked in the pleasures of life - drinks, feasts, merriment, music, plays, poetry, and storytelling. The narratives of their grandeur often originated from the Kitsune themselves, filled with tales of heroic mages and warriors. However, post the genocide against them, their society turned secretive.

Now, with the guidance of the Great Nine-Tailed Tsukiko, the Kitsune are gradually rekindling their faith in the world. Though still secretive, they are passionately devoted to their cause and often display a playful trickster side to those they know. Many of them can shape-shift into humans, an innate ability carried in their blood, as they venture out to study magic or to narrate the stories of their kind.

Embrace the allure of the Kitsune, as you navigate through their world of magic and mystique. Their journey might test your endurance, but the wealth of experiences it brings will surely illuminate your path in the SL Colonies.


Thank you for adding these races they are fabulous

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Wow - these are amazing and I love that you have infused it with more story!

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So 35 existing races wasn’t enough? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, Lord Zagan, your wit never ceases to entertain us!

You’re absolutely right, we’re spoilt for choice with 35 amazing races. But we just couldn’t resist introducing a few more exciting flavors into the mix! Variety is the spice of life, after all. :smile: We hope you’ll find these new additions just as engaging as the existing ones!

Let’s continue to expand this amazing universe together! :rocket::video_game:

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Kitsune sounds great as a merchant. Unless there’s a even better one i not know of.


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