Recipes for leveling up

Last night I used 2,000 xp to level up to 5 and got recipe for chicken that is not only on the website for everybody to know, but only needs level 2 to be used. I have heard others say recipes given have not matched level they reached. My opinion recipes awarded should match the xp they have acquired. Level 2 only takes 500 xp. I acquired 4 times that much to get a level 2 recipe. There is not much incentive to level if that happens in my opinion. The only benefit is less button pushing when using the recipe. Besides, if you are right profession and figure out the recipe, it gets added to your list of recipes anyhow.

Shhhhhh… be glad you get recipes at all.
We never used to get any recipes, they were all secret until you stumbled upon it by accident.

I fought long and hard for this to happen with a 10 page thesis paper lol. Don’t make ‘em mad! :laughing:

AND you also used to lose materials trying to figure out how to make recipes.


What @Lilianath said! You used to have to burn through a lot of materials to get recipes or spend hours and hours fishing. Be glad this is in the game, and that it’s one recipe (or more) you don’t have to learn.

I like this particular gift, and the pile of twine and twigs for just hanging out. (And salt and ice and other ingredients!)

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Ok 1. I hope that is last of hearing of the struggles before I joined. That has no baring on me. kudos to those who braved the hard times. 2. I am not mad a single bit. This was just expressing an opinion. I am more than happy to deal with what creators decide to do with their game. I am not here to flaunt levels, coin, etc. I am here for fun and want to help build a great game by giving feedback. There is no judging on “this idea is unfair so im gonna cry and say you all suck”. lol that won’t happen. It’s all open communication is all. rant over


If you never get a recipe for a lower level than what you already are, you wouldn’t get lower level recipes you might want or need. Maybe there are recipes you didn’t discover before you passed their level. Then you would need to research them.


Thats a good point.

Even if you got a low level recipe when levelled up, that just meant you never knew the recipe to begin with. So you needed to know that recipe; it does not matter the level of the recipe.

A level 1 recipe can be as important as a level 3 or 4 to the supply and demand of things in markets and the economy.

Some higher level recipes require input of low level ingredients made from lower level recipes. So if you got a level 3 recipe that needs a level 1 recipe you dont yet know, you are stuck with something useless to you.


Yes that is an aspect I didn’t think of was there being more than just one recipe for level. I am open to feedback like this. My big issue was I was being shut down basically for not being around from beginning and therefore should just accept things as is. I also just thought that specific recipe of chicken which is already given to people on the website was a bit odd. Your point is well taken though and I appreciate explaining yourself instead of just telling me to accept it with no feedback.


That wasn’t my intention. If I came off like a bitch, I didn’t intend to do so.

My thought is just in the long term of this project we have to be careful about re hashing the same things multiple times over as more and more people join in. Especially if they were hot topics in the past that have come to a resolution of sorts.

At some point my fear would be Tem and Drak may become less receptive over time if they get the same topics that have been previously addressed.

Of course hindsight is always 20/20 I realize that you wouldn’t have known this. Its just one of those things that was kind of a major change to the system as it was that made people pretty happy.


I was mostly picking on you, not bashing you. I hate that you took it that way.

As has been said, there’s been a lot of progress in the game development, and some of us think of that as one of the nice little perks they gave us along the way. I probably should have added more explanation (as Temujin did later) about why lower-level recipes are still important to a higher-level crafter, rather than just saying we had it worse in the old days.

The intent was not to shut you down, but more teasing along the lines of, “Back in my day we walked 12 miles to school and 13 miles back, uphill all the way in the snow all year long!”


I was not offended. I got two of the same type of replies right off the bat is all. I want to be in a community that communicates is all. Like i said, what happened before I joined has no impact on me. You are fine with me in my book Lilith. I am outspoken and some may say sometimes too much so. The issue is dead and look forward to future of SLC.


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