Recipe Additions to The Mill

With the additions to the large farming fields, we’ve added more recipes to the mill to allow you to make more base ingredients for your needs!

You can make now make the following extra flours and syrup by using the mill:

  • Cornmeal (Corn)
  • Rolled Oats (Oats)
  • Syrup (Sugar Cane)

And yes, with the syrup you will be able to make sugar, just bring it to a cooking station to find the recipe for it.

And to answer some questions in regards to making beer with Barley, yes, we will be adding Barley to the brewing system soon. We’re just working on hops as well which will use a type of vine which you can combine during fermentation to make beer. We’ll also be adding another barrel design for a beer barrel (although you can put any drink in any barrel you like once you’ve already emptied a barrel from its initial contents!) which will pop out when you add your beer into an oak barrel in the oak barrel station for brewers!

You can read more here: Flour Mill | SL Colonies

The SLColonies Team