🌟 Recap of AMA Episode 2: Bottling Station and Exciting New Features!

Hello SL Colonies Community,

If you missed our latest Ask Me Anything livestream, here’s your chance to catch up! Episode 2 was packed with detailed discussions about the upcoming features in SL Colonies, including the much-anticipated Bottling Station.


  • Introduction of sand as a new gatherable and its role in bottle crafting.
  • New carpentry recipes and barrel designs.
  • An innovative aging process for crafting unique products with bonus stats.
  • A deep dive into the bottling station’s functionality, including label application and liquid tint variation.
  • Discussion on the practical use of bottles and barrels in-world.
  • Insights into the distillery’s process and efficiency.

Watch the full video to get a comprehensive understanding of these updates and how they’ll impact your SL Colonies experience.

Don’t miss out on these exciting developments!