Question re: Dragon Forge NPC Rezzers

Greetings :slight_smile:

I wondering if you can configure those spawns to ignore a specific group, like my clan member group? I don’t really want those beasts chasing down my members while they go about their tasks.

Do we get a group discount and does the purchase value go towards the purchase percentage discount? Buying one of those rezzers would push me into the 6% discount bracket …



Hello @Satanic.Visions,

You can customise the rezzers to ignore your group.

Regarding the discount question, I’ll have to ask @drakkhis to answer the question on group discounts.

Unfortunately not. The vendors for Dragon Forge and SLColonies are not linked, so your total spend in one store is not connected to the other.

An answer was provided in Discord General Chat :slight_smile:

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