[Question] Multi Item Vendor

Is it possible to see somewhere any kind of transaction/usage history?

I had someone unexpectedly stop by my vendor and spend a decent amount of coin.

Mostly, I was using that vendor as extra storage so it wasn’t organized.

I have no idea what they may have bought or how much because it just contained a random stash of stuff.

Knowing what people are buying might be useful to know what to stock it with in the future.

Maybe this is already possible and I just didn’t see the information somewhere.


Hi @Lilianath,

There’s not currently a built in logging feature of sales and purchases.

But one way to know what was sold was to keep note of stock levels in vendors and work out which are selling and need restocking and such.

I understand in your case though that is was just used mostly as random storage and someone has come along and just purchased a bunch of everything and you have no idea which was taken and potentially in demand by that buyer.

I’d stock vendors with specific sets of items that you are aware of or keep record of. Potentially you could use the hover text with a list of items. If the items within are a longer list, a vendor name or number which you track par levels in a notecard or other?

Thats exactly what I was going to do when I got everything up and running the way I wanted it.

Manually keep track of the inventory. I just wasn’t ready for it lol.

Is it possible to give admin control to another user? Say someone decides they want to be a shop keeper for me and I can turn control of that vendor over to them.

Now that I think about it, I doubt it can be since its tied to your personal account.

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Unfortunately the vendors are tied to your personal account. The other player would need to put up their own vendors.

You could charge rent in coin for using your store?

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i have now created pages to view your Vendors, their Inventory, and now A Log has been added. unfortunately the Log Only gstarts from today but here is an example of what you will see, and the link to view your own vendors.