PvP Competition Combat Weigh-in Station

I… wasn’t going to mention it until I was done, but I had an idea that would be awesome to have by/before I finish the build of it…

I have plans for a semi-small “cage” like fight ring den, for the playing of character fights, possibly betting on said fights (to give part of coins to the winning fighter,) just for the fun of it and RP around it… That said, I couldn’t help but imagine there being a station kinda like the CXP and Level Up station at the main store… but… without the ability to change anything…

…just the means to have an avatar step up on it, so those managing who fights who (and the audience,) get accurate stats before each fight (so characters of similar race and level are matched up more easily and all can see who is coming into the fight with what.)

Would something like that be possible?

That’s a pretty custom request and not something that will likely get used by the community as it’s specific to needs.

I can see the need for it though for tournaments, but you also need to remember that every race has different stats and then all stats can be changed as you level up, so it would be hard to match players with a player base as small as our community, to begin with. It would work well in large-scale games where there is a larger player pool.

Perhaps another option, for ‘tournament’ mode, would be to temporarily set all stats equal to a base level. So all fights are equal and it is skill-based (with ping rates and graphics card performance which you can’t account for though).

So when you click tournament mode for PVP, not only do you not die, but your stats are all 100 across the board and not special race benefits.


Maybe I’m too ambitious…

I’m aware that each race begins with different stats and those stats can and do change when leveling up in a profession and or leveling up a specific stat. Likewise aware that computers and internet speeds (as well as the energy flowing by the player’s emotional & psychological state) have impact/influence on combat outcomes… ((and in my mind, all those things only really matter to those who are being serious, rather than having fun, and with fun as my intent and craft (so to speak) I feel the players will appropriate self-segregate as feels best for them.))

I’m also aware the player base is fairly small right now and aware this request is thusly a special one, and it’s okay if it’s dismissed accordingly. ((Though I feel inclined to note, I’m not building for just the existing player base… I’m building to promote a game and gather diverse players for surprising and diverse fun… so… again, maybe I’m too ambitious with this request … maybe you guys feel better building for existing players more than potential future ones, and that’s totally 100% okay!))

Thanks for considering either way!

p.s. In my mind, ((and past experiences hosting weekly “fight night” events)) part of the fun in this is that no character (or player) would be exactly the same as their opponent, and all players would only ever have their character matched to someone they agree to.

It’s not about fair fights… it’s about fun fights, and each player will naturally decide for themselves, what’s fun for them-- whether we give them permission to or not. xD I choose to continue to believe those that want to, will, and those that don’t, wont.


Don’t take it as a dismissal. I haven’t weighed everything up in terms of how much work it would take to customise our CXP station to not do anything except display stats. It could still be something we can do, but I need to consider all things and discuss it with Drakkhis who does the scripting and has the workload on his plate :wink:


would not the Tourney HUD that Drak mentions in earlier posts work? Basically the hud lets you record and give hits when fighting but once the fight is over you begin to recover at an accelerated rate? It sets all damage output to base for weapon so everyone is on the save level, for even matchups? The Hud was going to be basically for real sparing and tournaments where you could actually fight but not need loads of potions and foods to recover after the match.


If the goal was even matches and little or no game-goods cost, sure, the Tourney hud is great!

To be clear (because I feel like I might have failed in my earlier posts) the goal is to celebrate the diversity of the characters and their stats, and have fun with putting them against each other (those who enjoy such things) combatively in whatever ways the players mututally agree is fun.

With the weigh-in station, I imagine volunteer players putting their characters in the ring, getting a chance to see the stats of their character’s opponents and make OOC agreements-- as desired-- on the terms of the IC fights (such as, armed or unarmed… such as two against one, etc) which their characters may or may not be aware of, for the fun of the story.

I think it’s awesome there’s a Tourney Hud for those players who want to do the combat play but don’t want to risk their character getting beat up and or using up supplies (food, potions, drinks, etc) replenishing a character that just fought! It really is a great inclusion! Yet, it isn’t the kind of play I’m talking about, nor the kind of players I imagine playing in the fight nights for which I’ve suggested this weigh-in station idea.

I’ve only been playing/learning the SLC game for a few months now, so, I acknowledge I still have much to learn about it and the players currently playing it, which could change my mind about this idea.

Thank you for giving it thought and sharing those thoughts! I appreciate the opportunity to be more clear about my intent/thoughts. xD

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