My problems with the Puzzle-Mini_game

  1. I have to start the puzzle some times to get it shown. Get it not loaded correct:

  1. If after some starts the picture loads , I find no way to play it. Some numbers appears twice - an blank field I can not find.

this occurs not only once.

  1. At that point I stop trying it longer - hope the support can give me the right hint so solve this
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Yeah, that’s a strange one Drakkhis will need to look at on return.

What I can see though is that is a pattern loaded for someone that is not a Seamstress profession, because it is a much harder puzzle than what the Seamstress would get. The Seamstress gets a 3x3 puzzle for this material.

It could be that when the puzzle tried to increase complexity for someone not of Seamstress profession that something in the backend is causing a small bug we will need to fix.

Sorry Temujin,
nearly the same problems with an “Seamstress” and the 3x3 Puzzle

will wait since Drakkhis will be back - he will find a long “todoo-list” waiting

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