My problems with the Puzzle-Mini_game

  1. I have to start the puzzle some times to get it shown. Get it not loaded correct:

  1. If after some starts the picture loads , I find no way to play it. Some numbers appears twice - an blank field I can not find.

this occurs not only once.

  1. At that point I stop trying it longer - hope the support can give me the right hint so solve this
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Yeah, that’s a strange one Drakkhis will need to look at on return.

What I can see though is that is a pattern loaded for someone that is not a Seamstress profession, because it is a much harder puzzle than what the Seamstress would get. The Seamstress gets a 3x3 puzzle for this material.

It could be that when the puzzle tried to increase complexity for someone not of Seamstress profession that something in the backend is causing a small bug we will need to fix.

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Sorry Temujin,
nearly the same problems with an “Seamstress” and the 3x3 Puzzle

will wait since Drakkhis will be back - he will find a long “todoo-list” waiting


ok basic puzzle should now be fixed


Thank you drakkhis - mini game works now.

But what is the way to make more than ONE wool-cloth


before you choose wool cloth set the number in the box in the upper left


Thank you

is it right, that each new task needs a new solution of the puzzle? I remember it should be enough to do it once - but that does not work yet


We are currently in discussions on how that will work.

I think a puzzle ‘one-off’ to discover a new pattern would be the way to go. Then you can choose to make it from recipes or open the minigame (so you can see the texture) and just craft without having to solve it again.

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We updated the station to allow you to remember the recipes once a pattern has been figured out.

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