Pouch for herbalists to collect herbs

I noticed that the nventory becomes full quickly when searching for herbs using the compass. It would be nice if a profession could make a pouch that would enable herbalists to collect all their herbs in, so that they don’t take up so much room in the inventory. Similar to the flower pouches in modded Minecraft used when gathering mystical flowers from Botania.

The herb pouches would still take up space in inventory wouldn’t it? Several colonies including one I am in have personal storage boxes for our professions. That does help the flooding of inventory list.

As mentioned by @doogz75, you can use community storage or personal storage chests to sprt your inventory out.

In saying that, it would not be impossible to create pouches and bags that one could wear as small storage.

Maybe something we look into later with the clothing manufacturing. The making of these types of pouches and bags one can wear and fill up.

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I was thinking about backpacks earlier for merchants that would give a few extra slots to carry. maybe it could even be merchant specific tool?


But what happens is I have to constantly return home, and individually click on each herb one at a time to put them into the Pantry, then head back out to search for more herbs which is why I was thinking more along the lines of a wearable pouch that all the herbs would go into rather than into the inventory if that makes sense. Like right now I have around 40 items in my inventory and they are mostly herbs lol


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