Post group event notices?

No wonder I haven’t been seeing any group notices from other Colonies, WE CAN’T POST THEM - LOL!

So if I may suggest that with the release of the Social Stone and anticipated upcoming Social Stone events, colony owners are bestowed the SLC group role title of “Colony Owner” or perhaps something more RP-ish like “Colony Sovereign” etc., and be given the ability to post actual notices.

Frankly, I am very surprised that the aforementioned Role Title and ability has yet to be implemented and I think it would Behoove [Word of The Day] the Devs to do so :slight_smile:

Personally i think there should be a SLC Trade Group, even if its a fan made version. Just so we can post about our land, recruit more people, sell and trade stuff via coins or linden. It would help the community going.


I don’t understand the rationale with restricting specific members from being able to post notices.

There are 17 Colony owners which should have group notice posting abilities. This can be easily moderated with guidelines ie. No Spamming, Max Number of Posts per Day, No Negativity, etc… And yes along with Event Notices, Buy & Sell Notices would be also be practical.

I have been in SL for 17 years this October and during that time I have never received a hostile group notice in any of the groups which gave members notice posting abilities. Frankly there has been way more group drama BS and hostilities in general chat than in Notices…

I like this idea… while I understand that group spaces are limited, having a trade group would allow people to opt out. 17 colonies isn’t a lot now but if the game grows it could make spotting official notices harder due to other spam.

Plus, if a trade group is started now, it has the opportunity to grow with the game and become a defacto group. Rather than starting later on and potentially having to compete with several “fan” groups.

I thank you all for the input.

I have created a new group called SL Colonies Community HUB with the ability for anyone to join. Anyone can also post notices.

To join the group, go here within second life: secondlife:///app/group/ffeebf57-d611-22fc-f748-6897d7fd18e3/about.

I will create a few group notices in the game to advertise that group also and we will grow it.

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