Patreon market access gone - what to do with plats?

Greetings. I have a Balance of 398 platinum coins that I would like to spend in the Patron Market which we used to have access to but that no longer appears to be the case. So what do I do with those plats now?

Still have access. Its available by visiting a market.

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Ahh I was accustomed to finding it online as its own market listing. :slight_smile:

Yeah, apologies about the confusion there. Drakkhis removed the link because of how the new Main Market page works; even if you clicked the Platinum Store link on the regular menu, you would just be taken to the Main Market page and not the tab within the Main Market page.

So to remove confusion in the long run, we’ve opted to learn to use the Main Market (whether through a bookmark or visiting a market in-world)—just a new habit for us to get used to.

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