OpenMarket - Payments

I got no coins after filling/filling part of an Request in OpenMarket

this appears not with every trade - but often

makes trading to an gamble:))

Now this happens also with the function: Claim Items - so coins get lost

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Thanks. We will look into it.

@drakkhis is off on vacation so it may be a little bit before this one gets fixed.

Is it happening to anyone else?

Normally your coins are locked in escrow and you have to claim them from the market itself.

I haven’t had any problems yet, filling requests, or collecting coin from a sale on the marketplace.


I may have seen this happen several times as well, but I have no evidence that it happened, so it may have been me just not realizing how many coins I had before confirming.

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something is wrong with the market! i know people were buying from me but i never see coins to pick up? this is going on for days now. I like to spend but it is not the point and purpose of the thing :slight_smile:

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Ok keep reporting if its persistant.

Unfortunately wont be able to fix this until @drakkhis gets back from vacation.

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I don’t think I’ve had that issue. are you checking the claims/holdings for the coins in the correct markets?

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Has this issue still been ongoing for you @artemis.ronas?

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