Open links in a new tab

As a retired website designer, I would like to suggest that all your webpage links open on a new tab instead of on top of the page that we are on; its a common / convenient design practice and will prevent the annoying backspacing/page reload process.


Considering I can right-click and open whatever-link I want into a new tab, but I can’t click a “open-in-new-tab” link in the same window (to my knowledge) I’d much prefer it remain as is. Sometimes I DO want to use the same window to view the link I clicked, and when I don’t, I do the right-click thing.

I also believe that many browsers offer a setting that allows you to open links in new tabs, no matter how the website is designed, don’t they? I could be mistaken.

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You can hold down CTRL while clicking a link on a website to open a new tab as well.

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