[NEW REZZABLE] - KC Beggar's Chicken

A new rezzable food has been added to the game.

It is called KC Beggar’s Chicken and can be obtained by trading directly which its creator, @Kouzai.

KC Beggar’s Chicken

KC Beggar’s Chicken has the following qualities:

Health Energy Blood Hunger Thirst Fatigue Sick Drunk
37 66 1 64 1 0 0 0

This is a custom addition to SLColonies and an example of what you guys can do by sending through your mesh creations you’d like linked to your food inventions.

If you’d like your food to become rezzable, you must create your own mesh. The mesh must be sent in full perm and licensed to enable SLColonies to use said mesh within our game.

The item will be set to No Mod, No Copy, No Transfer and not obtainable for L$.


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