NEW REQUESTS: How to get new features. How it works? What is voting?

Hello Community!

Thought I would make a post about how feature requests will work in our community for SLColonies and how this category works with voting so that you get a better understanding of the process we have in mind.

If you have an idea you would really want to see in our system, we encourage you to create a new post in the #ideas (Ideas & Feature Requests) category.

Be as descriptive as you can about your idea, so that others reading have an understanding on what you would like to see, and others can provide their input into the discussion to further progress on this idea as well.

The #ideas category has a voting feature built-in. You will see next to some topics a little vote text with the number of votes people have put towards that idea.

Well, for every vote, the higher chance there will be for your feature idea to become part of our system.

Members can vote, by clicking the vote icon at the top of each topic within the #ideas category.

Members get different numbers of votes they can use, depending on their member trust level. Trust level is earned by being active in the community through reading, posting, liking and remaining active day to day.

  • Trust Level 0 = 2 votes
  • Trust Level 1 = 4 votes
  • Trust Level 2 = 6 votes
  • Trust Level 3 = 8 votes
  • Trust Level 4 = 10 votes

To learn about trust levels in this community, you can read Understanding Discourse Trust Levels

Once you have run out of votes, you cannot vote on more topics and you will need to remove some of your previous votes from older topics (particularly closed topics). This allows us then to see which topics are a higher priority for feature requests based on the number of votes on them.

We have set up the category to

Happy voting everyone! And we love seeing new ideas!

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