NEW RECIPES: Wines and Alcohols

With the release of the new Wine Press, there are some new recipes that have been added to the fermentor and the oak barrels, as well as some new rezzable barrels for your roleplay taverns.

3 new recipes have been added to the fermentor. These include the 3 grape varieties:

  • Grape Juice(ferm)
  • Red Wine(ferm)
  • White Wine(ferm)

You can see these recipes added here:

The recipes can also be found by fishing and finding messages in bottles.

Oak Barrels
Some new recipes have been added to the Oak Barrels as well, to enable you to get some barrels that you can rez out into your taverns for roleplaying purposes. These barrels can have a price set per serving and work with the mugs which can be crafted in the carpentry.

These new recipes include:

  • Red Wine Barrel(*)
  • Vinegar
  • White Wine Barrel(*)

NOTE: Vinegar does not come in a barrel. You will get 80 vinegar on completion to use in your recipes as is. Since it is not supposed to be something you would drink.

3 White Wine Barrels

3 Red Wine Barrels

Again, you can see the recipes added here:

You can find the recipes by fishing and finding messages in bottles.

Soon we will be adding a bottling station, so you can convert your barrels into bottles for display which will work the same way, and we will have a way for you to extract the contents of bottles so that you can actually use the alcohol in your cooking and alchemical recipes.

The SLColonies Team