[NEW RECIPES] - Venison in the Butchery

The Deer Carcass you get from hunting now has its uses. We hope you haven’t been trashing all those carcasses that now have an actual use?

SOURCE: Morningmoss Hunting & Fishing Blog

Bringing a carcass to the butcher table, you will receive portions of venison. With these potions, you’ll be able to figure out recipes for:

  • Venison Trim → Mince
  • Venison Stew Meat
  • Venison Loin
  • Venison Osso Buco
  • Venison Steak
  • Venison Roast
  • Venison Ribs
  • Venison Heart

The more portions required, the more stats they assist. The heart is a bit of a special one for your recipes and potions too.


Yay! I’m pretty sure we still have quite a few of these. Do we need to update the station or is it server-side?

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No need for a station update. Recipes and ingredients are server side :slight_smile:


are those wall hanger hooves going to be a thing?


Hehe no. That image was borrowed.

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