NEW RECIPE: Simple Fishing Stick (campfire)

We’ve added a new Simple Fishing Stick recipe to the campfire.

Simple Fishing Stick

You can get all the ingredients for it using the compass, and the ingredients are the most common to find.

2 x Twig
1 x Twine

Bring those to a campfire and make your simple fishing stick. These have only 10 durability.

The SLColonies Team

Most common would be twigs and twines then :slight_smile:

Yes, correct. I just enjoy playing around with the blur feature, cause it’s all top secret and all :wink:

This is fun and extremely useful! I guess you were serious way back in the day when you said the twig was the most important ingredient in the database! Good on you! :grin:

But that isn’t exactly what I think of as a twig. Just saying.

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Yes not what a twig really is in my mind either. But it kind of just happened :wink:

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I was thinking that might be a good use for bamboo. Maybe because I’m old enough to remember bamboo fishing poles…

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We could add bamboo sticks or rename the twigs in the compass and everyones inventory to bamboo sticks too… lol

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