NEW RECIPE: Sake Barrel(*)

With the new addition of the wet fields and the ability to grow rice, a new Sake Barrel has been added to the brewery profession.

So grab some rice, start mashing and fermenting and getting yourself one of these barrels which can be rezzed in-world to fill up goblets and mugs to drink from!

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The SLColonies Team

Zero luck so far in permutations to discover level 0 recipe for Rice Mash, assuming the 2 ingredients are rice grain and water, like the others

It should just be Rice + Water

No other grains.

Are you able to make mashes of potato and wheat normally and not get a fail?

I’ve tested the mash and it works fine on my end.

Add 1 x Rice
Add 1 x Water

Craft Recipe, success.

Please make sure you are wearing HUD and Meter v0.12.0

ok will be more careful about remembering where I started a discussion. This one, the issue is solved and thank you

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