New Recipe: Craft Your Own Pitcher at the Pottery Station! 🏺

Hey SL Colonies Community! :star2:

We’re excited to introduce a brand-new recipe for all Level 1 Farmers: the Pitcher! This versatile item can be crafted at the Pottery Station and is perfect for serving drinks to others. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or running a tavern, the Pitcher is an essential addition to your toolkit.

Recipe Details:

  • Required Materials: 10 x Clay, 1 x Water
  • Crafting Station: Pottery Station
  • Level Requirement: Level 1 Farmer
  • Experience Gain: 10 CXP

Why You’ll Love the Pitcher:

The Pitcher isn’t just for show – it’s functional too! Use it to serve drinks to your friends or customers, adding an immersive touch to your role-play experience. Simply fill it with your chosen beverage and bring a touch of hospitality to your colony.

Check out the video tutorial on the bottling station where we explain how serving works:

Ready to start crafting? Head over to the Pottery Station and create your Pitcher today. Share your crafting adventures and how you use your new Pitcher on our forums!

Happy crafting, and see you in-world!

The SL Colonies Team

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