New Profession: Seamstress (& other role changes)

There has been a new profession added to the game called a Seamstress.

The seamstress will have 4 stations and will work primarily with wool and cotton.

These stations include:

  • Dye Station
  • Spinning Wheel
  • Loom
  • TBA (sewing or working station of sorts)

Seamstress will make various materials, which will go into the production of rezzable furniture and usable clothing items.

Other Changes

  • The Baker and Cooking professions have been merged into Cook.
  • The Hunter and Fighter professions have been merged into Ranger

The woodsman is likely going to be merged into the ‘Ranger’. You will keep your levels and your will work with ranger stations, which will include a leather tanning rack and a parchment making rack to make a type of paper from animal skins which will have uses we will reveal to you later. The leathers will go into the manufacturing of weapons as they already do, as well as furniture and clothing by the carpenter and seamstress respectively.

We will likely also include the earning of CXP for the Ranger by slaughtering farm animals, chopping down trees, hunting huntable animals and killing monsters.

Let us know what you think below!

The SLColonies Team


Noooooo! Don’t muddle up traditional roles! Leave the Woodsman alone! (See my comments elsewhere on this one).

But what you could do that would be amazing is create a general Craftsman profession who could get CXP for the textiles and basket stations, and tanning and parchment stations. I hesitate to say it but you could add the pottery to that as well if that was not enough CXP opportunity–though I think it would be more than enough. It just makes rational sense to group them together, where a Ranger hauling logs to the Carpenter just doesn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, that would require tweaking the farming CXP a lot, since baskets and pottery are where the farmer gets CXP. Maybe some of the farmer gathering activities could be profession-limited and earn CXP. For example, I have 20 cows out for milking. At about a minute per cow, that’s 20 minutes IF I don’t do anything else, and if I haven’t done anything else requiring energy; once energy is too low, it goes to about 2.5 minutes per cow (5 minutes on the campfire for enough to do 2 cows, plus one minute per cow). It’s enough of an investment to get “paid” for. Perhaps you could offer 2 CXP per gather, so 2 CXP per cow milked, 2 CXP per chicken robbed, 2 CXP per pile of pig s–dung collected, and so forth. There is precedent in the system for gatherables CXP–the compass yields small amounts (3 I think?). I would say probably not fishing, though. That would get ridiculous.

You would probably have to tweak the ready state times on cows and chickens and pigs to cap daily use of each, but at this stage that probably wouldn’t be a huge undertaking. Now if you had 50 other types of animals it might be an issue, so if this is a viable option, now would be the time to do it. If you were to implement 2 CXP gathers for animals, 5 CXP per phase of planting seems reasonable since it’s a once per week per field kind of thing. 65 CXP per field then becomes reasonable, as it would not be the only actual farming-related task to earn CXP.

You guys probably hate me by now. It’s not all my fault! I’m just the messenger for Crimson Hollow. Most of it you can blame on Dorian and Vu. Some of it’s me though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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We love it @Lillith . Keep it all coming.

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I don’t like the merging professions. Rangers are not woodsman, bakers are not cooks and why would rangers be slaughtering farmers animals?

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woodsman has nothing to do with a ranger so dont merge them into the ranger…if u want to merge the woodsman then the nearest is the carpentry…


Actually combining Woodsman in it does make sense because Hunter, Fighter and Woodsman is basically the definition of a Ranger. They are by definition keepers of the forest. Also Bakers are cooks my grandparents owned a bakery for a long time and they were by definition a cook.

prepare (food, a dish, or a meal) by combining and heating the ingredients in various ways: 


a person who prepares and cooks food, especially as a job or in a specified way:


a keeper of a park, forest, or area of countryside: 
  • a member of a body of armed men.

  • a person or thing that wanders or ranges over a particular area or domain:

I think what you stated is a great idea Drakk and Temu. Giving the ranger basically everything hunting and forestry related and I support the idea for the change of it.

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It may make sense from the perspective of who these roles are in fiction/fantasy, and their dictionary definitions. However, in game terms, it does not; if you’ve done all of the woodsman’s tasks for a busy colony, you should realize that the woodsman doesn’t actually have time (as in, time online, RL) to do the woodsman and ranger tasks, especially now that the ranger has leatherwork in addition to hunting. This is even more true with the introduction of the bow and the constantly expended arrows.

Speaking on hunting, is that really all the CXP rangers are going to get for hunting?

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Then whats the woodsman suppose to do for an entire week while the trees grow back? Plus anyone can chop a tree down not even the woodsman gets CXP for it so really its kind of a wasted class/profession.

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Even with 120 energy, the most our woodsman can cut is 8 pieces at a time, be they large, medium, or small planks, or scraps. Each cut takes 1 minute. IF the woodsman only cut trees, sure, I would agree with you. But the woodsman’s primary job is actually processing the logs, more so than cutting the trees, because as you pointed out, anyone can cut trees.

So, one tree, from start to finish, takes a minimum of 27 minutes (assuming 5 minutes to cut the tree down and 1 minute per cut for ease of calculation). Now, of course, if you’re trying to do this all in one sitting, remember that you’ll have to rest to get back to full to even start cutting the tree into planks because taking the tree down will cost you 25 energy, leaving you only enough energy to do maybe 3. Might as well rest. So, add 15 minutes to your processing time. And of course, you probably can’t process the whole tree without resting because remember, your max number of items at a time is probably 8, and you have a total of 22 cuts to make. So, probably you’ll need to add another 5 minutes (being uber-conservative!) or so on there to account for doing 7, 6, or 5 at a time, or resting. So, what are we up to now? 20 minutes to harvest and rest, and 22 cuts at 1 minute each, and 5 more minutes to rest…47 minutes. For one tree. Yes, your mileage may vary.

The woodsman’s job is time-intensive, and with huntables out, the need for bows and especially for arrows (which require the maximum process level of the lumber) will be increasing. Adding it to the Ranger (who will be processing hides–also a multistep process) on top of hunting makes the Ranger not very playable, in my opinion.

The other thing is, if you don’t cut all of your trees on the same day, you can harvest and process all week, and have plenty to do.

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The whole point of this system is to have more than just one person of that class. In other words your suppose to have more woodsman than just 1. Same is said for the rangers. Its called SL Colonies because the leaders of the colony/sim are building empires/kingdoms that is the point of it. So really it being one class when one class is actually suppose to do that job and have 4 or 5 people in that class is how its suppose to work.

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Which is awesome when you have a hundred people in your colony. When you have 13, it’s a little different.

But you’ve wandered from the original line of discussion, so I’ll take that as the cue that it’s not going to get any further. Have a great day!

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You are correct because there is no need for a woodsman class. When if you have just 4 Rangers you can complete all of the tasks.

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