New method of updating bulk items

I just thought I would let you all know of an idea @drakkhis brought to my attention.

We’ll be looking at how we can change the current updating process to help our more prominent sim owners with hundreds of items scattered around the land.

Currently, we use the default Casper Update scripts, which require you to painstakingly update every one of your items one by one, receiving a new item to rez out.

That isn’t too bad in and of itself if you have a process down pat and a smaller amount of items. But when you have hundreds around your simulator, this is very time-consuming.

We’ll play around with a new updating method, where you can rez out an updating prim, which will search for SLC items that have updates. And instead of deleting your items and sending you updates, it will directly update the scripts inside your items.

We need first to work out how we are going to do this. It’ll likely need to be an ‘update item’ per type of station or gatherable you are updating. There are some complex things we need to think about and iron out.

We’ll keep you updated on how we go and if there is a possibility of this working out.

Hopefully, we can save hours and hours of picking up and re-rezzing new items each time we update a system.

Oooh! LOVE this idea! Definitely keep us posted on this.

Hey guys,

Unfortunately, this whole idea and concept are short-lived.

After looking into it some more, we will not be able to offer a different update system :frowning:

This is because all of our items are ‘No Modify’ by design. And to be able to tell an item to update scripts within another, that item needs to be ‘Modify’ by the object’s owner.

Apologies for getting you all excited so soon.