NEW: Medium & Small Wet Fields

New medium and small-sized versions of the wet fields have been released:

Medium Wet Field

Small Wet Field

These are available for L$200 and L$100 respectively.

Medium fields take 25 energy instead of 50 to plough and give you 5 harvests instead of the 10, and are half the size of the larger fields.

The small fields only take 10 energy instead of the original 50 for ploughing, however, you don’t use a plough, you use a hoe instead. You only get 1 harvest out of these and they are considerably smaller in size to the larger variant.

Both take the same amount of time to grow as the larger variant (7 days) and have the same availability of seeds that can go into them.

Read about the wet fields here:

Watch the YouTube video here:

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