NEW: Medium & Small Fields

We’ve released new Medium and Small sized varients of the regular farm fields which grow wheat, cotton and so on.

They are available for $200 and $100 respectively.

They work the same as the larger fields, however, mediums get 5 harvests instead of 10, and small get 1 harvest only. Small fields also use a hoe instead of the plough tool for preparing the soil.

Grab yours today in store! They are displayed in the Farmables vendors.

The SLColonies Team

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Will there be a vegetable variant of these sizes also?

And did I hear a rumor of an herb garden? That would be pretty awesome too.

Yes vegetable and wet fields are coming out with different sizes.

Herb garden is also ready, just waiting to do some work on the Alchemy for herbalist :slight_smile:

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