[New Ingredient] - Flax + Minor Updates

We’ve created a new seed for all fields.

Flax Seeds can now be purchased from the CXP store and used to grow Flax:

This Flax can be brought to a basketweaving station to create ‘flax fibres’, which can then be brought to a spinning wheel to spin into Linen String. This Linen String is converted into Linen Cloth at the Loom and finally into Linen Sheets on the sewing table for use in beds.

Further updates will allow us to colour these strings/clothes in the dye stations.

This is the table of different types of sheets available currently and what they will do for you:

Type Health Energy Fatigue Max Durability
Linen Sheets 5 10 -10 80
Wool Sheets 4 8 -8 100

Further Updates

We’ve gone through all the Fields, Wet Fields and Vegetable Fields and checked all the textures. All of them have been cosmetically updated slightly. You will notice that the heights of certain textures have changed, and we have also turned off ‘Alpha Blending’ on some of the textures, such as the Wheat, and enabled ‘Alpha Masking’ to stop textures bleeding through other transparent textures, giving them a better look and feel.


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