[NEW] Huntables :: 5 x Rats

Huntable Rats

These little critters come in a pack of 5. They run away when approached and will run at maximum speed and vanish if they get more than 5 meters away from their spawner, so you’ll need to be quick and ready at the draw with your bow to catch these.

They do not give a carcass, but they do give special items that have bonus stats when used in the Alchemy station for your potion making.

You can watch a video about how huntables work here:


Love these little guys!

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I haven’t looked into these guys, so I’ll ask here.

Are these guys the equivalent of one critter that drops an item if you hit one, or are they five critters who might take off different directions and present multiple targets?

They are 5 critters and run off individually. You dont have to rezz them out next to each other either.

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