New HUD and Meter Update

New Update to 0.18.7 Sent that deals with the Main Server delivery issues and the OOC issues


I am wearing the new HUD and I am having issue with the Text menu.

There is a very sluggish response to the Text menu options. Text selection on/off changes, name, title, etc. will not immediately appear as in the past.

I will make changes on my sim and nothing happens. I TP to your store, and the change sometimes occurs… Could be Tuesday in SL :slight_smile: Don’t know but something is up…

I also see the Tournament Button again. Is that supposed to be there? The countdown completed and the meter showed me placed me in tournament mode.

Going in and out of OOC appeared to be fine but it didn’t resolve the Text issue,

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what text issue going in and out of OOC?

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And the Tournament mode is a new feature, the button is supposed to be there. if you notice while in tournament mode all stats are set to base, and even your weapon damage is set to base so everyone in tournament mode is equal.


Think he means the text menu where you change some of your floating text. It’s not updating instantly?

Eg: Hide energy or Blood stat etc.


yes, the meter overhead text toggles off but doesn’t want to toggle back on until you do something else,(for me it was changing text color) then things you toggled off, then back on, finally appear.

Just Sent out an 18.8 Update that fixes the Text and Color problems.