NEW: Herb Gardens

The Herb Gardens are finally here and available in-store today!

Watch the video:

While anyone can use these, only the herbalist will earn CXP from their use. These gardens come with 8 mini-plots within which can all individually be planted with different herbs to meet any of your needs.

The herb garden is a precursor to the upcoming alchemy station, so herbs will not only be used in regular cooking and in butchering for sausages, but you will be able to infuse regular drinks you’ve invented with these herbs which will double the output stats. You can use these infusions in your cooking, but even better will be at higher levels in the alchemy table to create powerful concoctions.

You do not need seeds to plant herb gardens. You will only need original cuttings from the herb you are wanting to plant. All of the herbs can be found naturally by using the compass under herbs to go searching the wild.

Each plot will give you 5 harvests, and you will get between 5 and 10 herbs per harvest. You could get a minimum of 25 herbs and a maximum of 50 herbs per mini-plot. Giving you a weekly production ability of 200 to 400 herbs per week.
NOTE:* This is not taking into consideration the cost of 10 herbs required to plant each plot.*

We hope you will enjoy this new release and the new upcoming features with this product, and as always, if you wish to suggest anything or leave a comment - do so below!

The SLColonies Team