[NEW] Gatherables :: Beehive

SLC Beehive

The beehive is here. This little hive houses your own family of bees which fly around and making a relaxing buzzing sound.

It can be gathered from every 7 days, where if you decide not to use a tool, you will just eat the honey as is, or, if you use a Clay Pot, you will gather from it anywhere between 1 and 5 honey, as well as a honeycomb.

The honey is high in health stats and heals sickness. The honeycomb has stats in reducing bleeding, so can be used to make medicines/potions that stop bleeding. It can also be used to make other goods you decide may require wax.



the beehives are not connecting to the progress signs???

Thats because they are just a gatherable. Like the trees, ores, clay and such.

I figured this out… however, it would be very interesting if it worked, thanks

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