[NEW] Fir Trees & Maple Trees!

We’ve made 2 new tree additions in the work up towards furniture creation in the carpentry profession.

There will be 5 types of trees total in the system. Once all the new trees have been released, we will rename what you guys already know as Tree 1 into Birch Tree and all the items from Log, Large Plank, Medium Plank, Small Plank, Wood Scraps will then also be renamed to Birch Log, Large Birch Plank, Medium Birch Plank, Small Birch Plank and Birch Scrap Wood.

The Birch Tree (Tree 1) will be a Soft wood, 2nd from the bottom and still remain the most common wood type as it will still be the wood used to make all the tools that require the current woods.

Birch wood will also give 100 base HP towards furniture pieces (if you recall, furniture, doors, chests etc will be able to be destroyed, and the type of wood used will determine the total hitpoints on a finished product you rez out to use). It currently also only consumed 25 energy per tree chopped.

The Fir Tree

The Fir Tree

This will be our softest wood. It grows in 5 days and has a base HP of 50 when used to craft furniture in the carpentry station. It’ll cost you 20 energy to chop down.

Maple Tree

The Maple Tree

This is our mid-range strength wood. It is medium hardness and gives 150 base HP to furniture and items crafted with maple wood. It takes 10 days to grow. It’ll cost you 30 energy to chop down.

More Soon

Redwood will be our second strongest wood type. It will have a hardness of hard, will take 12 days to grow and give 200 HP of base strength. It’ll cost you 35 energy to chop down.

Ironwood will be our hardest wood type in the game. It will take 14 days to grow, it will give 250 HP of base strength and it will actually use 2 of your durability when chopping down, damaging your lumberjack axe much more. It’ll cost you 40 energy to chop down.