[NEW] Craftable :: The Loom (Seamstress Profession)

Hello All,

The Loom has been released for purchase!

The Loom - A seamstress crafting station

The Loom is a tool for the Seamstress profession. With the various strings made of wool, cotton and other materials, a seamstress can then bring a combination of these different coloured string materials and make a bolt of material which will include a hand-made loomed pattern.

The loom includes a puzzle mini-game that must be solved before you get a finished product. The puzzle increases in complexity the more types of string and colours are involved in the finished pattern. The complexity is also greatly increased if you are not a seamstress.

You will also need a material pattern. This pattern is obtained at the engineering table and a copy of your pattern is made with the use of parchment paper which you can get from a ranger.

We hope you enjoy this product. There will be many more additions to it shortly, including many new patterns, and the ability for you to remember recipes once you have completed a puzzle mini-game.

You can view the video here:

The documents website for the loom is available here: