New Bottle Recipes Now Available in the Smelter!

10 bottle designs - 5 small and 5 large

Hello SL Colonies Community!

We’re thrilled to announce that the smelter is heating up with new additions! :tada::fire:

Get ready to craft your very own bottles with our latest update. Whether you’re a brewer, or just love collecting, these new bottle recipes are sure to add a spark to your crafting adventures. :champagne::sparkles:

What’s New?

  • 10 Unique Designs: Choose from 5 small and 5 large bottle designs, each with its own unique style and flair.
  • Simple Ingredients: All you need are the right molds and some sand. Yes, it’s that easy!
  • Stock Up Now: The bottling station is just around the corner. Now’s the perfect time to gather your sand and get those smelters working.

How to Get Started:

  1. Obtain Molds: Make sure you have the respective molds for the bottle designs you want to craft.
  2. Gather Sand: If you haven’t already, start gathering sand. It’s a crucial ingredient for your glass-making endeavors.
  3. Fire Up the Smelter: With your molds and sand ready, head over to the smelter and start crafting your bottles.

These bottles aren’t just containers; they’re a testament to your craftsmanship and a key component in our upcoming bottling station release. So, roll up your sleeves, put on your smelting aprons, and let the bottle production begin!

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, we can’t wait to see the incredible creations you’ll come up with.

Happy Crafting! :hammer_and_wrench::wine_glass: