NEW: 37 Mushrooms and new Herbalist Recipe

37 new mushroom varieties have been added to the compass when searching under Fungi.

To learn about the types of mushrooms that have been added, check out 39 Different Types of Edible Mushrooms (with Pictures!) - Clean Green Simple.

Most of these mushrooms are edible raw, though some of them will be slightly toxic unless you cook them.

Some of these mushrooms have better stat qualities for health and one of these mushrooms, the reishi mushroom, is used in the herbalist table to make powdered reishi which has other bonuses for you to use in your cooking recipes (hint: tea). Obviously, you will have to find the mushroom first by going foraging.

The herbalist recipe name has been added to this page. Has a big hint to what type of mushroom you might need to make it:

It is another level 0 recipe to help the herbalist level. And don’t worry budding herbalists - we are soon releasing an alchemy table which will help you greatly to level this very hard to play profession.

The SLColonies Team

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