My distilled water won't come out the cookingstation

i made distilled water (103 items) It cooked well. but i can’t get it out after it is done.
If i click the cookingstation i can make another recipe?.

ofcourse i can reset it but i loose the distilled water then is there another way?

Have you Updated your Cooking stations to the Newest Version?

yes, i run the update scripts you sent out 2 days ago and i cooked a lot on it. It is just the distilled water that gives issues.

It has the v0.15.12 scripts in it

Does it happen every time you make that recipe?

no, i just made 10 distilled water without problems and the other 10 are now made,although in another cookingstation.

can you send drakkhis a TP in world?

I have looked, and I think I see what is going on, The Text is not clearing after the Food Spoils, so if you can click and cook something new that means you have waited too long to collect the food after it was finished cooking.

For the Next Update I will make sure that the Message changes to reflect the fact that it has spoiled

can be possible if it spoils in a couple of minutes :smiley:

i need to rework the Spoil system for food since the Cooking Station does not require the Sit ball anymore

Let me talk with the Team and We will see how we want to address the issue, TY for bringing it to me, LOL I had forgotten about this issue.