Move Scripts into Other Objects

New Player here.

It would be great to be able to transfer scripts into other objects like the market scripts into a much lower prim market stall or better looking trees and harvesting nodes. This ability would enhance customization of the sim :slight_smile:

That would be great for those with sci fi sims. The cooking station is a big big for certain kitchens so would be nice to be able to have an invisible one to put over our own if needed.


Unfortunately, that’s not something we are considering right at this stage.

Yes, it might work for the markets, but most other stations are more complex, with scripts needing to be linked to particular objects for the animations and some scripts adding sounds and special effects to stations.

We plan to offer transparent objects you can wrap around your own prims. But that’s much later down the track.


I only ask because we were able to that with the Unity Empire System and this system appears to be similar :slight_smile: