[Monsters] Elemental Damage Types

As I was tinkering with the NPC’s I noticed there were options for elemental damage types, and resistances.

For huntables under your control makes sense, but for NPC’s will we be able to determine those strengths and weaknesses?

I saw also armor stats. Is that something coming also?

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Monsters were created with a completely different concept in mind.

Our Dungeon System which will be released in the future, that system allows a sim owner to leave it to default, or to create custom ‘rooms’ which will procedurally generate as a player explores the dungeon. With these custom rooms, a sim owner would be able to add monsters that will rez inside the room, as well as special crafting tables. This is why for starters, the Monsters are a copyable item, whereas our Huntables are not.

If monsters are no-copy, you would not be able to add them to the dungeon system to rez out. Also being copy, you can add the scripts to any rezzer mesh you like and to any monster mesh you would like to suit your theme.

Monsters also give CXP per kill, but the amount of CXP you get it determined by the level you have made the monster. The higher level, the tougher it is the kill and the more CXP you will obtain.

The custom loot table is only custom to a point where the lootable items are not used anywhere else but the monsters (although we did add bone and wire to them, which you need to create some weapon handles).

So with that, we’ve included Elemental Damage Types and Weaknesses. This is not active yet but will blend into the Enchanter profession when we work on that one. You will be able to enchant your weapons with elemental spells, such as Fire, Freeze, Poison and certain monsters will be able to be set to have a weakness to that damage type.

We will also likely have monsters attack you with certain elemental damage. And you will be able to consume potions to gain protection or buff against that type of damage. This would only make sense because if weapons are made to give elemental damage and 2 players decide to fight each other in PvP, you would be affected by that damage type by getting effects on your avatar like flames coming out of the sword, you getting fire animation on you or freezing and so on, but with potions you would counter those for a time period.

Hope that makes sense?

In-short. Yes, you determine the strengths and weaknesses of monsters. Their intended use in is a dungeon setting.

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