🎙️ Missed Our Live AMA Podcast? Watch It Now on YouTube!

If you couldn’t join us for the live “Ask Me Anything” podcast about SL Colonies, don’t worry! The full episode is now available on YouTube for you to enjoy at your convenience.

:star2: In This Episode:

  • Dive deep into the latest updates and features of SL Colonies.
  • Enjoy a detailed discussion with Drakkhis and other team members.
  • Explore insights from our vibrant community, including a special tour of Lycan Sanctuary.
  • Get answers to the intriguing questions asked by our community members.

This episode is packed with valuable information, community stories, and a behind-the-scenes look at SL Colonies. Whether you’re a long-time player or just curious about what we do, this podcast offers something for everyone.

:link: Watch the full episode here:

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