Merchant class repair

I believe selling in the markets should only be part of the merchant class. This would make the merchant and person to person trading more important. This could also allow merchants to earn cxp with successful sales or person to person trades with other players.
At the moment the merchant class feels like just a forager/scavenger with their main tool being the compass when their main tool should really be the market stall.

Can you tell me what the merchant currently does and what that role entails?

I’ve never tried it so I’m not sure what the merchant is able to produce or benefit from.

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merchant buys/sells on markets, only receiving cxp from filling requests. they have a few more listing/requesting slots than non-merchants and produce nothing specific to their class/profession.

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I wonder what the vision is for this? Everyone can buy and sell on the market.

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The merchant class is one of our next professions we are working on.

We have a topic going in patron discussion with a whole plan for the marketplace development.

We have new features coming in the market and a new broker fee to be established which merchants will get the benefit of being able to reduce as they level.

There will be a proper contract system that merchants will gain CXP for specifically and they will earn more market trading slots than is currently set.

There is a lot planned for the market system which will specifically be tailored towards the merchant profession.

Other players can use the market, but they will be limited to a maximum of 5 listings across the game on markets.

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