Maybe an option to get players into SLC while joining Uber

maybe an option to get SLC Players while joining an Uber event.
We notice that active SLC players are going down.
Although we hope you keep up this “perfext” game in SL/openSim, and we can help others to get some startup help.

Keep up the Irons

two swallows don’t make the summer…

I have been in SLC since August 2021 and these stats comes and goes. RL events also impact SL. The SLC active player trend has been going upward since 2021. Back in 2021 there were only 3 regions and not even 100 members. It takes time to get a new system of the ground. They have made several major changes to the system over time - some liked it some did not. There is no system in SL like SLC. Stick around and support it where you can.

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I agree with Enzo on this one.

We have a good and stable game now. We could technically be out of Beta, but we want a few more major features out before we call it “complete” on our end.

Our user base has always been on an upward trend, just a very slow one. It would help if we entered some large events to entice new players and focused more on social media presence to bring in new players from places like Facebook, which I had been working on.

We don’t have a marketing team, which makes it hard. But a marketing team costs a significant investment, which I don’t personally have.

We rely on word of mouth and the wonderful community we already have to help out new players like you all have been. And I believe that’s even stronger than forcing advertisements and marketing towards people, claiming to be the best system.

Quality over quantity has always been what we have been about.

Second Life has its own trends in its user base, as @Enzo_Minne points out. And building your own world, using any system, has its challenges. Regardless if you are using SL Colonies, G&S, DFS and the likes. You as a sim owner still have to painstakingly find your own members to join you and participate in your build - no system gives you a community that will come live on your land and spend time on it vs enjoying their own land.

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