Make herbalism dangerous again!

I know this may be unpopular, but I liked when testing concoctions was more risky with the sickness factor. I love the profession and have a great time experimenting, but the risk is not as high as it was. It would force you to research more. The 20 energy researching is steep i know. Perhaps make it like most other chores of 10 energy? Again, I do not expect this to be a priority. I know there are plenty of things on your list. It is a suggestion that may add more complexity since alchemy station is considered “advance”.

Is there no more sickness coming through the alchemy station? We’ve not changed anything, that I am aware?

Ya it’s passing. I guess before I started I had impression sickness was more common. I thought since I started herbalism there was an elimination of sickness in items of 9 or less sickness when used. I personally like the thought of there being more risk of sickness, but I know not many share my opinion lol.

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