Mailbox not working

I try to attach an item to a mail and it does not see my inventory. How do I send things if it can’t see my inventory?

Have you got a screenshot showing the attach screen by chance?

I will try to get you one in a bit.

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it says that I have no inventory but I know I have inventory. if however the account that owns the mailbox tries she has inventory. it makes no sense because it should see the inventory of the account no mater what like the market stalls do. at least if they were meant to be functional…

Oh and sorry I took soo long.

Ok yeah, that’s an issue that shouldn’t be occurring, especially if that character does have items in its inventory.

@drakkhis - can you take a look into this one?

OK @Sarrow I have sent you a Test mail in world using the system to see if you received it, can you do a few things for me? First, can you test if you can see your inventory using a different mailbox, like the one at the main Store here Second Life Maps | Noru
If that does not work, then can you try to send me a mail, I need to see if the system is seeing the correct Avatar.

if my alt that is linked to Patreon goes to the main store

if an account that is not my Patreon goes to the main store

so the non Patreon can’t send stuff in the mail it seems… or it might be the Patreon owns a mailbox.

Has nothing to do with being a patron… Can you send me the name of the character having the issue

The account name is DumbSpit Resident but I can test others.

please do not ask why the account got that name.

And you have tried at other Mail Boxes?

only the one at LS and the one at the main store.

if I try LadyDoveDreamer.Geordie I do not have the issue DumbSpit has.

for the record that is a 3rd account

OK, Turns out the error is actually caused by a Low Level Encryption difference between LSL and PHP… Wont get all into it, but it has now been patched and your Character should now be able to send and receive Mail correctly.

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