Logging station: observation

My woodswoman told me that when she was working on the logging station she made the following observation:

After clicking on the logging station and operating the menue, always a tree log appears on the crafting station. This is perfect, when you cut a log into large planks but not when you cut planks. It would be logical if a plank appeared on the logging station.

We propose to put this irregularity onto the todo list, @TemujinCalidius @drakkhis !

This does not bother me at all. Just use a bit of imagination lol.

Well, it is a visual mistake. As it is with the wood scraps, who look like long planks. But there are not only visual mistakes when using the logging station but also factual ones. The menue does not work correctly: it asks to fill in the envisaged result of cutting, but means the wood you want to take for achieving this result. Yes, we can use our imagination also here. Imagination is a nice thing and points to our creativity. Nevertheless we are discussing here a game in its Beta version, so it might be useful to make developers aware of factual and visual mistakes., don’t you think so @Enzo_Minne ?

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Have you slaughtered an animal ? You might not like the visual effect either lol

To create and buy mesh items are not cheap. The devs try to make the stations affordable for most - but that will also mean that it might still not be perfect for everyone.

The SLC logging station is by far the best of any of the systems in SL with similar stations - DFS. BeYou, G&S etc


No more comment on this issue from my side.

I believe we have logs and long planks already.

We are not going to add medium and small planks to the station just for visual effect though.

If we started to go down that path, we may as well then go on about the cooking station making a soup when you are frying fish.

Thats fair. But at least the menue texts should be correct (see my second comment to this topic).

Can you explain more what you mean by the menu?

Im not sure what you mean with it there?

If you are crafting from a recipe you simply click on what you are trying to make and that’s all there is to it.

Let’s say, I want to cut some small logs to produce wood scraps. I click on the logging station and the blue menu appears. I choose “recipe” and then “wood scraps”. Then the menu asks me how many wood scraps I want to cut. BUT: In reality it asks for the small logs I want to cut. I checked that with the figures I put in.

So the menu asks for the result as we are used to → the wood scraps. But in reality it wants to work with the start material of the scraps → the small logs. So when I put in the number „6“ it does not deliver 6 wood scraps, but 30 wood scraps. This mistake concerns all output of the logging station concerned with “tree”. We did not try other sorts of trees so far.

I hope I was clear.

Hello @kari,

Unfortunately, that is how the system was built when picking which recipe to craft.

I know in regards to the logging station, it sounds weird, though what the menu is asking is how many of the "recipe" would you like to craft?

It is not asking how many of an "ingredient" would you like to use?

If you look at it from a different perspective, such as when using a cooking station or a carpentry bench, many of the end products you want to craft require more than one input material.

So if you were making, say, fried fish using some butter, the menu would not be able to ask you how many "1 x fish" and "1 x butter" you would like to use? It will simply ask you how many "fried fish" would you like to craft?

I hope this makes sense.

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