🔴 Join Our Live Stream! Unveiling the New Marketplace HUB + Exclusive Giveaways

Hello SL Colonies Community,

We’re excited to announce an upcoming live stream where we’ll unveil our brand new Marketplace HUB! This new addition to SL Colonies is more than just an update – it’s an immersive experience complete with an interactive merchant mini-game!

During the stream, you’ll get a firsthand look at our dynamic in-game economy. We’ll take you through the process of selling items and mastering the marketplace. Watch and learn how to source and sell supplies, earn SLC Coin, and gain CXP!

But that’s not all – we’re also hosting a live raffle where one lucky viewer will win their very own Marketplace HUB! This is a unique chance to get a head start on the competition.

And for our loyal Explorer Tier Patreons ($25/m) and above, we have something special for you! You will receive a FREE copy of the Marketplace HUB before the update goes public!

Don’t miss out on this exciting event. Be there when we go live! Follow this link to join the stream: SL Colonies: The Marketplace HUB Unveiling & Merchant Mini-Game Bonanza - YouTube.

See you there!
The SL Colonies Team

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Already started waiting at the Youtube XD

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