Issue with Alchemy Station

I was making 6 potions and the process was about 5% complete when suddenly it finished prematurely and said "“you received 0 of item…”. The ingredients I used to make the 6 potions are now gone from my inventory.

Hard to pinpoint this one.

Please let us know if it happens again, and if it happens again, is it something specific you are doing, making?

Is there a process you can do to make it repeatable?

If it’s a one-off, hard to find out what caused the issue.

I think I figured it out! Just a second ago I tried to create something using a different station, but number lock was off so I inadvertently did not type a number into the field. What happened was it actually crafted “0” of the item and I think this is probably what happened with the Alchemy station as well! I am so sorry I keep asking fo rhelp with issues that are entirely my own doing! (I do have terrible eyesight and this casues me a lot of issues, my sincere apologies!)

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Well that in itself is an issue.

Crafting 0 of something shouldn’t happen either.

no need to appologize, these are the kind of errors we want to fix before beta is over.

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