[?] Is there an issue with the database/server?

The Unity interfaces are practically non-functional in Crimson today. Normally they’re slow for us, but at least they are usable. Today they are crashing without completing any tasks (storage cabinets don’t progress past listing the contents/inventory; cooking stations crash after one ingredient, or if they allow more, they crash at the description step). Additionally, when the station connects to the Unity server, the SL framerates drop severely (from an average of 50 fps to about 6 fps in about 5 seconds), after which the “double click to load” splash reappears, and the station or cabinet crashes.

I was just curious if there was a) work being done on that side that might be causing it (or some other cause) and b) anything to be done about it. Creating anything is pretty much a no-go right now.


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I believe it might just be an internet issue today… The way the app works is when you click on the HUD it opens a webpage and the loading process is your computer downloading and decompressing the app… then the app opens on your computer and then establishes a connection with the server.

Is this just happening with you or everyone trying to do the same?

It happened with me, and with Vudon. I don’t know about anyone else who’s been on the sim. We were both getting the same results, even though he’s on WiFi and I’m wired, so I’m going to guess it’s not our local connection.

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Both are in the same home though? Sharing same connection.

I know I’ve been MIA for a bit. Just having a bit of SL burnout, but I did access my storage cabinet as well as my servant. Neither of us had any issues with it.

It seemed to function as it usually does.


Ours seems to be better today, so perhaps Drakkhis was right and it was just an Internet thing.

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