Introduction - Mathilde939

After receiving a lovely interview request Mathilde finally finds herself in front of this candlelit table in this dark cave, in the middle of nowhere… She squints her eyes and begins to perceive the common life force that has so kindly invited her. Thus she found her identity.

[spirits of the colonies]: What country are you in?
[Mathilde]: I am from switzerland! and…
[spirits of the colonies]: How long have you been in SL?
Mathilde count with her fingers…
[Mathilde]: It was a 05 september 2021 don’t remember wich one the sun was …
[spirits of the colonies]: How did you hear about SLColonies?
Mathilde look a bit upset by all this interruptions but accept her human condition in front of this spiritual wisdown…
[Mathilde] I have typed “dangerous” in the researsh bare…seeing for bdsm principally…but now I am collecting and cook some delicious lemon and apples! (everything is fine promis^^)
[spirits of the colonies]: Have you got your own SLColonies sim or are you a member of another community? I don’t own it but…In Qalmal I live in Qalmal I stand!
Mathilde definitivly feel proud about it!
[Mathilde]: Wath’s about you?
[spirits of the colonies]: who care… Are you enjoying living with our codded slc holy system?
After project herself in her own memories…remembering all this friendly moments…looking at her trees and her crazy adorable Queen who move the market every month…apercieving some Tessys working in farms and waves at her from the earth…she answer
[Mathilde]: Yes I enjoy it!
[spirits of the colonies]: A last word for our documentation ?
[Mathilde]: I am glad…I am glad to be able to cross all this lands…all this poeple…spirits of the colony please let us have the serenity to accept the things we cannot change the courage to change the things we can and the wisdown to know the differences…
Story end at this point lost in the past in a strange point between all infinity

(sorry for all grammar and words…I speak french)

Your devoted Mathilde


Welcome @Mathilde. Great to have you here?

Bonjour et bienvenue :slight_smile: