Introduction - Kari Inouri aka Sylvie Morani

Hello everyone!

Finally I landed in SLC. I am a SL old hand and have quite some experience in SL farming systems, e.g. DFS, G&S or Lineage. Nevertheless I always had in mind that SLC might be an interesting but a bit complicated alternative. Talks with several guys made me even more curious, especially the owner of Kraken Cove, Kai Momoko, showed me how exciting SLC farming can be. Again, thank you very much, Kai!

I finally decided to rearrange my sim to become a SL colony: Rhyzom - City of the Ravens. First steps have already been made. I am sure that the scope of Rhyzoms contribution to SLC will grow continuously and fast. This is, indeed, an interesting project.

The basic idea of Rhyzom is to establish a stable SLC community, which engages in joint work, collaboration, solidarity and adventure. Myself and other shield maiden try to mix Nordic mythology, alternative/rural lifestyle and female self-confidence. We do not believe in the simplistic ideas like GOR or other forms of radical misanthropy. Girls wanna have fun, won’t they? They hope to find it in The Colonies.

On a personal note: I live in Europe, Central European time zone. I talk English, German and a bit of Spanish. Plus: I take gaming projects seriously. We all do spend too much time inworld not to make the best out of it.

Please contact me if you are interested in our project.


Hello @kari,

A big welcome from us in joining SL Colonies. It is wonderful having you.

We know you will enjoy the system and cannot wait to see your active and thriving community.

We will be sure to come and visit!